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Term Debentures

Attractive remuneration structure and regular quarterly interest income for investors

Term Debentures

Fusion Money offers investors an attractive remuneration structure and regular quarterly interest income, with unique access to diversify asset allocation.

Key features

Fusion Money's Term Debenture key features include:

  • Investment diversification opportunity in a lending book that has been operating for over 10 years
  • Potential clients are identified from high net worth investors, family offices and our business finance introducer network
  • Reduced credit risks due to the introducer contributions
  • Well-managed process of credit risk assessment and residual value allocation
  • Managed default risk by diversifying the loan book across different asset classes and industries
  • Loans are secured against the underlying asset and additional security is taken, where warranted
  • In order to match the cash flows and maturity profile of the loan book we require a Term Debenture of three years or mutual agreement

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