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Our Solutions

Co-lending asset finance exclusively with introducers to the SME market

Our Solutions

Fusion Money specialise in funding for wheeled assets, working capital and equipment through our unique co-lending model.

Our modern approach to lending, sees our experienced team partnering with introducers to understand individual requirements and tailor commercial loan solutions.

Working exclusively with introducers to find business solutions for the SME market.

Types of finance we offer

Chattel Mortgage, Lease & Rental

Fusion Money co-lends with introducers to help organisations equip their business. We provide funding solutions for equipment, technology and vehicles, ensuring organisations have what they need to maintain their current level of business and deliver results.

We understand business and can tailor a finance solution with introducers specific to the client’s needs.

Benefits of Asset Finance

  • Flexible repayment options
  • Fixed monthly repayments and interest rates for the term of the loan
  • Option to set a balloon payment, therefore reducing monthly repayments
  • Option to make advance payments for tax or cash-flow purposes
  • Repayments structured to suit business cashflow and life of asset

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