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Innovative Loan Structure

An innovative loan structure for a business critical asset

Business owners sometimes find themselves in challenging situations and require a financier to ensure their business remains operational.



Our client, an existing customer of one of our finance introducer’s network, had a current asset loan with his bank with 3 years remaining.  Unfortunately the truck had an engine failure and in order to continue delivering their services they required a new engine at a cost of $35,000.  As the repair to the engine was a working capital requirement, his existing bank declined the transaction.


Our Approach

STEP 1: Our introducer presented the client’s situation to Fusion Money.
STEP 2: Fusion Money reviewed and assessed the case.
STEP 3: Fusion Money presented a solution.


Our Solution

Fusion Money proposed a new two year lending facility to refinance the existing loan. This refinancing option would allow the customer to payout the existing Chattel Mortgage to the bank of $90,000 and allow him to pay for the new engine ($35,000).

This new lending facility of $125,000, provided by Fusion Money, took security over the asset and new engine, plus additional security over another vehicle in the business.

Additional security was necessary to mitigate the loan risk as the payout and new engine was valued at less than the new facility loan.



Fusion Money provided a flexible solution, ensuring the business downtime was minimal and the client was able to repay the loan within the 2 year timeframe.


What was in it for the introducer?

  • After approaching a number of banks and finance institutions, who declined funding, Fusion Money assessed the opportunity and granted funding through co-lending with the introducer.
  • The introducer was able to secure funding for their client and maintain the long term relationship by securing a co-lending deal with Fusion Money.
  • The introducer earned interest on the money they co-lent with Fusion Money
  • The introducer earned brokerage on the transaction

About Us

Fusion Money is the only Australian asset finance co-lending provider to the SME Market. Our experienced team partner with introducers to support organisations with flexible and tailored finance solutions.

Specialising in finance for wheeled assets, equipment and working capital requirements, we assess every opportunity presented.

Our Values



Striving to maintain the highest standards, we pride ourselves on being respectful and authentic. Listening to our clients needs and safeguarding their interests.



Our philosophy is to support our partners, understand their needs and exceed expectations through providing efficient, courteous and friendly service.



Understanding the added value of collaboration, we believe that a shared sense of purpose, based on respect, accountability and open communication safeguards success.



Dedicated to building business relationships, we place our partners and customers at the centre of everything we do.

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